Computer Engineering

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Computer Science

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DEPARTMENT OF COMPUTER ENGINEERING Computer Engineering is a course which trains professionals with working knowledge of both computer hardware and software. This course is a perfect blend of hardware and software knowledge and provides an edge over those with only knowledge of software or hardware. Computer Engineering is perfect for such students who wish to learn about aspects of programming in computer languages and also physical components of a computer and its workings. The Computer Engineering department offers a regular 3-year diploma and which comprises of a fair share of practical classes in addition to the basic foundational principles taught in the theory classes. The Software Lab of Computer Engineering Department is equipped with legal softwares including Open Source Softwares and state-of-the-art hardware and networking laboratories to support application of the knowledge acquired in the classroom sessions. The Common Computing Facility Laboratory that functions under the supervision of this department enables all students to gain the basic IT skills.


To be a leading provider of technical education programmes and related services of the highest quality and standards of excellence to meet the demands of business, industry and the community and thereby to contribute to India”s socio-economic progress


To develop into a world-class, pace-setting Institute of Engineering and Technology with distinct identity and character and offering a variety of programmes and services that meets the goals and aspirations of the people


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